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What is Discover Franchising Tulsa? DFT is a Franchise Resource for Tulsa (and beyond). We will highlight franchises who specifically want to be in Tulsa, OK but we will also provide a ton of video and reading for you to learn about franchising and how to get into yours!

Check in frequently as we will be adding tons of fantastic content on how to succeed in franchising! Of course, we'll discuss how to find YOUR franchise too!

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John Anderson | That Franchise Guy


Discover Franchising Tulsa is presented by Tulsa native John Anderson, President of Lakeport Franchise Group

John is a Master Franchisee with Knockouts Haircuts for Men and owns the BounceU franchise in Tulsa, OK. He previously owned & operated BounceU of Henderson, Nevada as well. As President of Lakeport Franchise Group, John helps others discover franchising and the opportunities presented by great franchise companies.

John’s business career blossomed his Junior year at the University of Southern California when he opened a painting franchise. After completing his degree at the Marshall School of Business, he put his boots down in the OC for about 15 years working as a mortgage broker. John and his wife, Melanie, had triplets in 1998. In 2005, they made the decision to relocate home to Tulsa to raise the family. In 2006 they opened the BounceU of Tulsa franchise (From 2008-2013 John also owned BounceU of Henderson, NV). He spent 6 years on the franchise advisory council and was President of the BounceU Franchise Association from 2014-2016. As President of Lakeport Franchise Group, he uses his experience to guide clients into the world of franchising and in 2017 wrote the Amazon Small Business/Franchise Best seller , “21 Days to Starting Your own Business.”

"I have been a prospect, a candidate and a franchisee. My passion is helping people find their franchise opportunities the way that I found mine."

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